Barney used to have issues with leash aggression….

Barney is a 1-1/2-year-old Yorkie mix who was recently adopted into a new family. The family was so excited to include little Barney in their lives… until they put him on the leash! They were taken aback by his leash aggression and how strong such a little dog could be. He pulled like crazy, was extremely distracted, couldn’t calm down, and worst of all, he would bark and lunge like Cujo anytime a car or dog passed by!

Their dreams of walking with Barney to the school bus stop, taking him to the beach with them this summer, and taking him to family events were dashed… but not for long! Check out this video of Barney’s progress during his second and third training lesssons.

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Smiley No Longer Pulls on the Leash!

Smiley was a rescue dog under the care of Rural Dog Rescue. They were having a hard time finding an adopter for Smiley because she wasn’t very personable during the adoption events.

During the events, Smiley was extremely distracted. She was so preoccupied with exploring her environment that she couldn’t focus on her handler – much less anyone else! She also pulled hard on the leash. The rescue had to make sure a taller, stronger volunteer was available to handle Smiley.

After just a few MINUTES of dog training, Smiley’s leash behavior transformed!

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