Roscoe is a 4-month-old Rat Terrier. His owner has limited mobility and was having a hard time controlling him.

After doing puppy training with us, Roscoe’s owner had a much easier time controlling him! He was able to solidify basic puppy tasks like housebreaking and teaching boundaries, and Roscoe also learned basic obedience.

His owner is doing such a great job of following through that Roscoe can now heel like a champ! He can also do a sit/stay, down/stay, and has learned the place command. Check out this short video update including footage of Roscoe heeling down the street:

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Charlie’s New Puppy Manners!

Charlie was a handful of a puppy! Adopted at about 12 weeks, Charlie was anything but an “easy puppy” – even for a seasoned dog owner like his new owner! From the get-go, Charlie was completely out of control. His owner tried everything to get his attention, but Charlie was in his owner little hyperactive world.

Charlie was also a very extreme nipper. Once it began, the nipping was relentless! His pattern of jumping and nipping would go on for minutes at a time, and he nipped hard! His owner was unable to interrupt him once he got into the “nipping zone.”

After just two puppy training lessons, Charlie learned how to calm down and take directions from his owner!

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