Bella, a 4-year-old Yorkie, was experiencing several types of aggression including human aggression, dog aggression, and leash aggression!

Bella is sweet as pie with her owner… but only with her owner!

Bella is a member of a multi-dog household, and had started several fights with her fellow housemate, Amber. The fights had escalated to such severity that Amber went to live with another family member until the issues could be sorted out.

Unfortunately, that’s not the end of Bella’s aggression. She is also uncomfortable around strange people, and often lashes out aggressively. She does have a bite history. Bella is also nervous around other dogs, and has instigated many a fight.

Finally, Bella is completely out of control on the leash! She may be tiny, but she was experiencing leash aggression (leash reactivity), leash pulling, and was easily distracted.

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Scout & Spanky were experiencing several behavior problems, including leash pulling and leash reactivity.

It seems that smaller dogs are more likely to get away with leash pulling and leash reactivity. This is probably because the leash pulling is easily managed (usually doesn’t take much to hold a small dog back, right?) and the reactivity (barking, lunging, etc.) doesn’t look quite so threatening coming from a tiny dog!

However, it’s important to remember that little dogs are canines, too, and they experience the same benefits from walking properly as their larger compadres. When leash behavior improves, the quality of life for both dog and owner improves with it!

After working with Heart of Texas Dog Training, Spanky & Scout learn how to politely walk on a leash for each owner in less than 30 minutes. Now that this has been accomplished, their owners are looking forward to taking them on many more walks, in many new places!

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This multi-dog household had three dogs, each with their share of behavior problems. When you put the three together, it was chaos!

Dog aggression, leash reactivity, humping, constant rowdy play, incessant barking, and the list goes on! Multi-dog households can quickly get out of control, especially when you add in individual behavior issues.

Our training approach begins by teaching the owners how to take back control, and teaching the dogs how to be calm. From this foundation of good behavior, we can then branch out to address other behaviors, like leash aggression, constant barking, etc.

Many dog owners are told that they cannot quickly achieve peace in a multi-dog household. This video is here to prove that theory wrong! This video is from Gotham Dog Training‘s very first lesson with these dogs and their owners. Watch how they go from rowdy play and barking, to calm and under control:

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