Bella, a 4-year-old Yorkie, was experiencing several types of aggression including human aggression, dog aggression, and leash aggression!

Bella is sweet as pie with her owner… but only with her owner!

Bella is a member of a multi-dog household, and had started several fights with her fellow housemate, Amber. The fights had escalated to such severity that Amber went to live with another family member until the issues could be sorted out.

Unfortunately, that’s not the end of Bella’s aggression. She is also uncomfortable around strange people, and often lashes out aggressively. She does have a bite history. Bella is also nervous around other dogs, and has instigated many a fight.

Finally, Bella is completely out of control on the leash! She may be tiny, but she was experiencing leash aggression (leash reactivity), leash pulling, and was easily distracted.

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Cooper’s leash reactivity and territorial behavior was fueled by his anxiety…

This of course made it very difficult to walk him, and very risky to have visitors! His family was confused because Cooper was a pretty great dog otherwise. He knew his commands, too, but he didn’t listen when there were distractions around.

Cooper and his owner learned many new skills, like how to heel, which helped overcome his leash reactivity. They also learned the place command and how to use it  to overcome his anxiety in the house.

Our first step was to teach Cooper’s owner how to teach him to relax, and how to focus!

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Barney used to have issues with leash aggression….

Barney is a 1-1/2-year-old Yorkie mix who was recently adopted into a new family. The family was so excited to include little Barney in their lives… until they put him on the leash! They were taken aback by his leash aggression and how strong such a little dog could be. He pulled like crazy, was extremely distracted, couldn’t calm down, and worst of all, he would bark and lunge like Cujo anytime a car or dog passed by!

Their dreams of walking with Barney to the school bus stop, taking him to the beach with them this summer, and taking him to family events were dashed… but not for long! Check out this video of Barney’s progress during his second and third training lesssons.

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Hatch struggled with leash reactivity and was a handful on the leash!

Hatch was extremely difficult to walk and struggled with leash reactivity. Even if he didn’t react to the sight of other dogs, he pulled like a freight train! To make matters worse, whenever Hatch saw another dog, he would lunge, bark, and act like a madman.

Hatch also had a problem with jumping and nipping. His behavior, both outside on the leash and in the house, was becoming more unpredictable, so they called for help.

After just a few dog training lessons, Hatch learned how to relax and focus on his owners. He can even walk past barking dogs!

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