Zena’s leash manners left a lot to be desired… and left two of her elderly owners unable to handle her!

When 15-month-old Zena’s owner moved back in with his elderly parents, he knew there would be an adjustment period, but he didn’t realize just how difficult it would be!

Zena, a German Shepherd, is a strong, energetic dog. She pulled hard on the leash in whichever direction she wanted to go in, and she was very distracted by any and everything in her environment. Her owner was used to managing her behavior, but his elderly parents were not!

After just one dog training lesson with Camelot Dog Training, Zena’s leash behavior was much improved! She was following along politely and was even able to focus on her handler!

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Scout & Spanky were experiencing several behavior problems, including leash pulling and leash reactivity.

It seems that smaller dogs are more likely to get away with leash pulling and leash reactivity. This is probably because the leash pulling is easily managed (usually doesn’t take much to hold a small dog back, right?) and the reactivity (barking, lunging, etc.) doesn’t look quite so threatening coming from a tiny dog!

However, it’s important to remember that little dogs are canines, too, and they experience the same benefits from walking properly as their larger compadres. When leash behavior improves, the quality of life for both dog and owner improves with it!

After working with Heart of Texas Dog Training, Spanky & Scout learn how to politely walk on a leash for each owner in less than 30 minutes. Now that this has been accomplished, their owners are looking forward to taking them on many more walks, in many new places!

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To prepare for her therapy dog test, Skye needed to overcome some behavior problems!  Watch this dog training video!

Skye’s owner has PTSD and needed Skye to serve as a therapy dog. The only problem with this plan was that Skye, although lovable, was very skittish! She also pulled hard on the leash and was very distracted in when out and about.

The therapy dog test required Skye to walk at a perfect heel both off and on leash, and remain calm in public, among many other tasks.

Skye has since passed her therapy dog test and is now serving as her owner’s therapy dog! This dog training video shows her progress about halfway through training.

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Despite prior training, Kirby needed to learn RELIABLE behavior in ALL situations!

Kirby’s family enjoyed her bouncy, happy-go-lucky, spirited personality… until it became too much! Kirby was prone to hyperactive behavior including jumping, nipping, and general rowdiness. It’s safe to say Kirby was lacking basic dog manners!

Kirby was also difficult to walk. She pulled on the leash, and whenever she saw a dog, cat, squirrel, or person, she would either lunge and bark, or spin in circles in front of (or around!) her owner.

All this despite having already attended an obedience class with a local trainer! She had a good understanding of some of the commands, but only responded when she wanted to. This dog trainer offered her the family no solutions for her rowdy behavior, but they weren’t ready to give up just yet!

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Smiley No Longer Pulls on the Leash!

Smiley was a rescue dog under the care of Rural Dog Rescue. They were having a hard time finding an adopter for Smiley because she wasn’t very personable during the adoption events.

During the events, Smiley was extremely distracted. She was so preoccupied with exploring her environment that she couldn’t focus on her handler – much less anyone else! She also pulled hard on the leash. The rescue had to make sure a taller, stronger volunteer was available to handle Smiley.

After just a few MINUTES of dog training, Smiley’s leash behavior transformed!

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Hatch struggled with leash reactivity and was a handful on the leash!

Hatch was extremely difficult to walk and struggled with leash reactivity. Even if he didn’t react to the sight of other dogs, he pulled like a freight train! To make matters worse, whenever Hatch saw another dog, he would lunge, bark, and act like a madman.

Hatch also had a problem with jumping and nipping. His behavior, both outside on the leash and in the house, was becoming more unpredictable, so they called for help.

After just a few dog training lessons, Hatch learned how to relax and focus on his owners. He can even walk past barking dogs!

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