Zena learns leash manners in a hurry

Zena’s leash manners left a lot to be desired… and left two of her elderly owners unable to handle her! When 15-month-old Zena’s owner moved back in with his elderly parents, he knew there would be an adjustment period, but he didn’t realize just how difficult it would be! Zena, a German Shepherd, is a … Continued

Little dogs can learn to walk on a leash nicely, too!

Scout & Spanky were experiencing several behavior problems, including leash pulling and leash reactivity. It seems that smaller dogs are more likely to get away with leash pulling and leash reactivity. This is probably because the leash pulling is easily managed (usually doesn’t take much to hold a small dog back, right?) and the reactivity … Continued

Skye prepares for her therapy dog test!

To prepare for her therapy dog test, Skye needed to overcome some behavior problems! ¬†Watch this dog training video! Skye’s owner has PTSD and needed Skye to serve as a therapy dog. The only problem with this plan was that Skye, although lovable, was very skittish! She also pulled hard on the leash and was … Continued


Despite prior training, Kirby needed to learn RELIABLE behavior in ALL situations! Kirby’s family enjoyed her bouncy, happy-go-lucky, spirited personality… until it became too much! Kirby was prone to hyperactive behavior including jumping, nipping, and general rowdiness. It’s safe to say Kirby was lacking basic dog manners! Kirby was also difficult to walk. She pulled … Continued

Smiley No Longer Pulls on the Leash!

Smiley No Longer Pulls on the Leash! Smiley was a rescue dog under the care of Rural Dog Rescue. They were having a hard time finding an adopter for Smiley because she wasn’t very personable during the adoption events. During the events, Smiley was extremely distracted. She was so preoccupied with exploring her environment that … Continued

Hatch overcomes leash reactivity

Hatch struggled with leash reactivity and was a handful on the leash! Hatch was extremely difficult to walk and struggled with leash reactivity. Even if he didn’t react to the sight of other dogs, he pulled like a freight train! To make matters worse, whenever Hatch saw another dog, he would lunge, bark, and act … Continued