Bonnie & Clyde are two rescue pit bull type dogs who recently transferred from the shelter to their foster home. Like most dogs just escaping a shelter environment, the duo lacked doggie manners… big time!

They pulled hard on the leash and were nearly uncontrollable – pulling, lunging, barking, spinning in circles, etc. They were also wild in the house; it was pretty clear they had no idea what appropriate house behavior looks like!

Beltway Dog Training, based in the DC / Arlington area, had the pleasure of accompanying the duo on their “freedom ride” (their ride from shelter to foster home) and working with their new foster family the very day they arrived.

Check out this video to see their near-instant manners… just add dog trainer!

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Zena’s leash manners left a lot to be desired… and left two of her elderly owners unable to handle her!

When 15-month-old Zena’s owner moved back in with his elderly parents, he knew there would be an adjustment period, but he didn’t realize just how difficult it would be!

Zena, a German Shepherd, is a strong, energetic dog. She pulled hard on the leash in whichever direction she wanted to go in, and she was very distracted by any and everything in her environment. Her owner was used to managing her behavior, but his elderly parents were not!

After just one dog training lesson with Camelot Dog Training, Zena’s leash behavior was much improved! She was following along politely and was even able to focus on her handler!

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