This multi-dog household had three dogs, each with their share of behavior problems. When you put the three together, it was chaos!

Dog aggression, leash reactivity, humping, constant rowdy play, incessant barking, and the list goes on! Multi-dog households can quickly get out of control, especially when you add in individual behavior issues.

Our training approach begins by teaching the owners how to take back control, and teaching the dogs how to be calm. From this foundation of good behavior, we can then branch out to address other behaviors, like leash aggression, constant barking, etc.

Many dog owners are told that they cannot quickly achieve peace in a multi-dog household. This video is here to prove that theory wrong! This video is from Gotham Dog Training‘s very first lesson with these dogs and their owners. Watch how they go from rowdy play and barking, to calm and under control:

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