Despite prior training, Kirby needed to learn RELIABLE behavior in ALL situations!

Kirby’s family enjoyed her bouncy, happy-go-lucky, spirited personality… until it became too much! Kirby was prone to hyperactive behavior including jumping, nipping, and general rowdiness. It’s safe to say Kirby was lacking basic dog manners!

Kirby was also difficult to walk. She pulled on the leash, and whenever she saw a dog, cat, squirrel, or person, she would either lunge and bark, or spin in circles in front of (or around!) her owner.

All this despite having already attended an obedience class with a local trainer! She had a good understanding of some of the commands, but only responded when she wanted to. This dog trainer offered her the family no solutions for her rowdy behavior, but they weren’t ready to give up just yet!

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Charlie’s New Puppy Manners!

Charlie was a handful of a puppy! Adopted at about 12 weeks, Charlie was anything but an “easy puppy” – even for a seasoned dog owner like his new owner! From the get-go, Charlie was completely out of control. His owner tried everything to get his attention, but Charlie was in his owner little hyperactive world.

Charlie was also a very extreme nipper. Once it began, the nipping was relentless! His pattern of jumping and nipping would go on for minutes at a time, and he nipped hard! His owner was unable to interrupt him once he got into the “nipping zone.”

After just two puppy training lessons, Charlie learned how to calm down and take directions from his owner!

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