Schatzi learns off-leash obedience

Schatzi learns off-leash obedience!

Schatzi is a young German Shepherd who was a “pretty good dog” but who didn’t always respond to her owner. Her owner works on a horse farm and loves to take Schatzi with her, but they were really struggling with her off-leash obedience. This was beginning to create a problem, and being on the leash wasn’t always practical at the farm, so she knew she needed help.

Our first step was to back up and teach Schatzi how to respond reliably while she was on the leash. Once that was achieved, we started to transition to off leash work. This video was submitted by Schatzi’s owner, and shows how she is now incorporating off-leash obedience work into other areas of their life – not just the farm!

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