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We are a rapidly growing network of highly skilled, dedicated, professional dog trainers.   We excel in working with “challenging” dogs, and in all cases, we commit to working with you and your dog until we achieve our training goals.

Our training program always begins in your home, where we establish good communication between you and your dog in a distraction-free environment, setting both of you up for success.  Once your dog knows exactly what is expected of him/her, the training moves to the “real world” where we seek out the most distracting situations, so that your dog can learn to be reliable no matter what is going on around him/her.  Other dogs, kids, bikes, cars, cats, squirrels?  No problem!

The first step to working with us is to set up a no-obligation behavior consultation where our dog trainer will meet your dog, assess his/her general temperament and personality, listen to your concerns and goals, and then go over a detailed training program that addresses all these things.   To get started, click on the pin closest to your location on the map, or enter your address, to find a commitment-based Canine Trade Group dog trainer near you.