Schatzi learns off-leash obedience

Schatzi learns off-leash obedience! Schatzi is a young German Shepherd who was a “pretty good dog” but who didn’t always respond to her owner. Her owner works on a horse farm and loves to take Schatzi with her, but they were really struggling with her off-leash obedience. This was beginning to create a problem, and … Continued


Despite prior training, Kirby needed to learn RELIABLE behavior in ALL situations! Kirby’s family enjoyed her bouncy, happy-go-lucky, spirited personality… until it became too much! Kirby was prone to hyperactive behavior including jumping, nipping, and general rowdiness. It’s safe to say Kirby was lacking basic dog manners! Kirby was also difficult to walk. She pulled … Continued

Smiley No Longer Pulls on the Leash!

Smiley No Longer Pulls on the Leash! Smiley was a rescue dog under the care of Rural Dog Rescue. They were having a hard time finding an adopter for Smiley because she wasn’t very personable during the adoption events. During the events, Smiley was extremely distracted. She was so preoccupied with exploring her environment that … Continued

Charlie’s New Puppy Manners

Charlie’s New Puppy Manners! Charlie was a handful of a puppy! Adopted at about 12 weeks, Charlie was anything but an “easy puppy” – even for a seasoned dog owner like his new owner! From the get-go, Charlie was completely out of control. His owner tried everything to get his attention, but Charlie was in … Continued

Hatch overcomes leash reactivity

Hatch struggled with leash reactivity and was a handful on the leash! Hatch was extremely difficult to walk and struggled with leash reactivity. Even if he didn’t react to the sight of other dogs, he pulled like a freight train! To make matters worse, whenever Hatch saw another dog, he would lunge, bark, and act … Continued

Brenner Overcomes Aggression

Brenner had issues with aggression and territorial behavior when guests would visit her home. Brenner would bark, growl, lunge, and even bite whenever guests entered her home. Just a week before she began working with our trainer, Brenner bit someone, winning the family a visit from Animal Control. This is every family’s worst nightmare: what … Continued