Off Leash Obedience

Our Dog Training Programs Lay the Groundwork For Off-Leash Obedience!

Have you ever wanted to take your dog hiking, to an open field, or even to a friend’s house who doesn’t have a fence without worrying that your dog will run away?

Our dog training programs make it possible to teach your dog to respond to you off-leash as well as on-leash. Our theory is that if you don’t can’t respond on the leash, he certainly can’t respond off the leash either, so it’s important to teach reliable obedience on the leash first. Once your dog responds reliably, anything is possible! With the right mindset and a little bit of patience, you’ll be surprised how quickly you can trust your dog off leash.

Check out these videos of dogs who successfully learned reliable off-leash obedience:

Zara had no recall and if she was off leash, she was uncontrollable!

She also had a bad habit of charging strangers and circling them while barking. Her owners were worried about this behavior, so they reached out to Boston-based Colonial Dog Training for help. Watch Zara in action:

Schatzi learns off-leash obedience so that she could go to the farm with her owner… but now she’s even practicing during her daily walks!

Schatzi, a young German Shepherd, knew all her basic obedience commands, but she didn’t always respond. This was especially a problem at the horse farm where her owner works. Schatzi loves to go to work with her, but being on the leash at the farm isn’t always practical, and being off the leash was growing to be more and more of a problem. Check out this update submitted by Schatzi’s owner after they trained with Heart of Texas Dog Training:

We are always updating this page with new videos, so check back often! 

Interested in learning how you can teach your dog these skills? Find a Canine Trade Group trainer in your area. We do more than teach reliable obedience – we successfully address all types of behavior problems as well! Contact us for more information.