Multi-Dog Households

Dog Training With Multi-Dog Households

Multi-dog households can quickly get out of control! Some households experience aggression between dogs, and other households are just experiencing hyperactivity and WWE-like play sessions. Still others have one “problem dog” that seems to be disrupting the rest.

Regardless of the type of chaos ensuing in your multi-dog household, our job as dog trainers is to give control back to you, the owner. This strategy involves a very proactive approach. We first spend time teaching each dog the new skills he/she will need to be successful in your “new” household. We also teach each owner how to communicate with each dog clearly and efficiently, and how to use each of the new skills to promote good behavior.

Once both the dogs and people feel comfortable with their new skills, we start putting them to good use and conquering issues head on! Depending on the issues each household is experiencing, this phase of training may take many forms.

 Take a look at these videos to see just a few examples of the kind of success we experience while working with multi-dog households!

Two unruly Pugs plus a German Shepherd puppy equals instant chaos! Add in renovations to the house, and you have complete pandemonium!

Between the three dogs, this multi-dog household was experiencing constant rough and rowdy play, long barking episodes, leash aggression, and dog aggression. Walking the three together? Forget about it! Take all three dogs to the park? No way! 

Check out some of the immediate progress this household made during the very first lesson with Gotham Dog Training in Brooklyn, NY:

This page is updated frequently with new dog training video success stories. Check back soon! 

Do you have a multi-dog household that needs a little help? Find a Canine Trade Group trainer in your area. We not only resolve the chaos, we teach both dogs and owners valuable new skills (and how to use them!). Contact us for more information.