Leash Problems

Dog Training For Leash Problems (leash aggression, leash pulling, etc.)

Many dogs struggle on the leash, and this struggle can take many forms.

Leash pulling is a very common behavior problem, and one of the most overlooked behavior problems by and large! Not only is this uncomfortable for the dog, but it’s uncomfortable for the human, too. A dog who can walk nicely on the leash is much more likely to be walked, and is also more likely to be included in activities outside the home.

Leash aggression (leash reactivity) is also common, and this has varying degrees of severity. Some dogs will simply pull and bark whenever another dog (or person, or squirrel, or cat, etc.) approaches. Other dogs will go ballistic (think Cujo!) any time another dog is spotted.

We successfully work with dogs with all ranges of leash problems! Check out these videos for examples of how our dog training has helped dogs overcome issues from leash pulling to leash aggression:

Spanky & Scout might be little guys, but they were monsters on the leash! Both pulled like crazy (each for different owners), and both were developing leash reactivity.

Spanky had been recently adopted, and with his addition to the household came several new behavior problems! Most notably, Spanky was starting to mimic Scout’s leash reactive behavior toward both dogs and people. Spanky pulled HARD when his female owner walked him, while Scout didn’t respond as well to his male owner. Both owners of course need to be able to walk both dogs, and after one walking lesson with Heart of Texas Dog Training, here they are:

Zena needed to learn leash manners in a hurry. Take a look at how fast she learns to walk politely!

When Zena’s owner moved in with his elderly parents, he took a new perspective on Zena’s behavior. It was tough for his parents to control Zena, or even move her around on the leash. After just one dog training lesson with Camelot Dog Training, Zena was already so much more polite!

Barney would react any time a car would pass by, or a dog would come into view.

He may be small, but his reaction was mighty! Barney’s new owners were alarmed by his reactivity on the leash, and very surprised by how strong such a small dog can be! Between the leash aggression and the leash pulling, his owners could barely manage to walk him to the school bus stop and back each morning! This video showcases Barney’s new talents after working with Heart of Texas Dog Training.

Hatch would react to the sight of other dogs while out and about on the leash, and he pulled terribly making it almost impossible to walk him.

Even if Hatch wasn’t a reactive dog, his owners would struggle to walk him because his leash pulling was so unmanageable. This video shows Hatch’s progress while working with Colonial Dog Training. He walks right past a dog barking behind a fence without any issues whatsoever, all the while displaying great leash manners for his owner! It can be done!

Smiley is a rescue dog who has the sweetest demeanor, but who had absolutely no leash manners.

She pulled hard on the leash and was very easily distracted – this made it tough for potential adopters to handle her long enough get to know her! Check out her nearly-instantaneous leash behavior transformation as she learns how to heel with Monument Dog Training.

We are always uploading new videos on leash aggression and other topics, so check back frequently for updates!

Does your dog have behavior problems? Look up a Canine Trade Group trainer in your area, or contact us here. We hope these videos have shown you that change is possible!