Fearful or Skittish Behavior

Watch dog training videos about overcoming fearful or skittish behavior!

Fearful or skittish behavior can be a very challenging dog behavior problem. A common approach is to teach the dog a solid understanding of basic obedience commands so that they feel more confident. While this can help, it’s only one piece of the puzzle!

Our approach to overcoming fearful/skittish behavior is very proactive. We believe in teaching the dog the skills he or she will need to know to be successful, and then reintroducing the problematic stimuli. We’ll use these new skills to desensitize the dog to whatever triggers the fearful or skittish behavior, and we’ll provide consistent and clear guidance for the dog regardless of the situation.

 This approach has been very successful. Take a look at some of our success stories involving fearful/skittish dogs:

Skye’s owner has PTSD and needed Skye to pass a therapy dog test so she could serve as her therapy dog, but Skye was an extremely skittish dog and struggled with many skills required for the test!

Check out how Skye overcame her skittish behavior and eventually passed her test after working with Colonial Dog Training!

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