Dog Manners

Dog Training Success: Teaching Dog Manners

Teaching basic manners might sound “basic,” but for some dogs, it’s anything but easy.

It is very common for dog owners to have a hard time teaching basic dog manners. As a result, behaviors like jumping, mouthing, excessive barking, crate training, and even lingering housebreaking problems often go unchecked. Many otherwise “good” dogs will grow old with these behavior issues.

Canine Trade Group trainers have tremendous success teaching dog manners! We regularly succeed in helping dogs overcome all ranges of manners issues, from mild to severe.

 Take a look at just a few of our success stories:

Kirby is an 18-month-old Lab/Beagle mix who was lacking dog manners like jumping and nipping.

She was also prone to hyperactivity and despite her attendance at an obedience class, her obedience commands were unreliable at best. Her owners knew there was a well-behaved dog in there somewhere, and so they decided to try one last time to find a trainer to help Kirby. Here are the results after working with Heart of Texas Dog Training:

More videos about teaching dog manners are coming soon! Check back often for updates.

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