Anxiety Issues

Dog Training For Anxiety Issues

Anxiety issues are common in dogs today. From separation anxiety, to complusive behaviors, to “hyperactivity,” anxiety contributes to many dog behavior problems.

Canine Trade Group trainers are skilled in recognizing the behavioral symptoms of anxiety and in teaching you, the dog’s owner, how to lower your dog’s anxiety. We understand that anxiety issues are a major factor for many dog behavior problems, and we understand how to design a training plan that addresses both issues!

Check out these videos for good examples of how our training can help your dog learn to relax and focus:

Cooper has a very high level of anxiety. This has caused many behavior problems, including “selective hearing,” leash reactivity, and territorial behavior.

Before working with Jackie of Colonial Dog Training, Cooper’s family was exasperated with his behavior, and unsure how they could continue to safely keep their beloved dog. He was increasingly aggressive both on the leash outside and in the house when people came to visit. Check out his story here:

Anxiety issues are unfortunately pretty common, so check back soon to see more dog training videos on this subject!

Does your dog need help overcoming his/her anxiety problems? Look up a Canine Trade Group trainer in your area and contact them directly, or if you prefer, you can use this form to contact us here.