Dog Training For Aggression Issues

Aggression is a very challenging behavior issue. Although it can be very challenging training-wise, the most difficult aspect of aggression is the emotional toll it takes on the dog’s owner(s).

Canine Trade Group trainers are not only empathetic to your dog (after all, an aggressive dog is not a “happy” dog), but to you as well. We are here to guide you through the behavior rehabilitation process so that as your dog overcomes his/her aggression issues, your bond with your dog improves, too!

Check out these videos for examples of how our dog training has helped dogs overcome aggression issues:


Brenner had issues with aggression and territorial behavior when guests would visit his home. 

In fact, Animal Control had just paid the family a visit just before Three Rivers Dog Training arrived for the initial consultation with Brenner. This video shows some of Brenner’s behavior during that consultation, as well as some of our dog training strategy to help desensitize Brenner to the presence of strangers in her home. Enjoy the video, and remember, change is possible! 


Bella the Yorkie was sweet as pie with her owner… but ONLY with her owner!

Bella was a member of a multi-dog household, and frequently started fights with her housemate, Amber. It got so bad that Amber had to go live with another family member until this could be resolved. Bella is also aggressive toward strange people and dogs, and has a bite history. Finally, she was a menace on the leash! Leash aggression and leash pulling made this little pup a handful. This video shows some of her progress after just a few lessons with Meadowlands Dog Training:

<video coming soon>


Check back frequently for more videos on this subject and others! 

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