Rescue Dog Duo Learns Doggie Manners

Bonnie & Clyde are two rescue pit bull type dogs who recently transferred from the shelter to their foster home. Like most dogs just escaping a shelter environment, the duo lacked doggie manners… big time! They pulled hard on the leash and were nearly uncontrollable – pulling, lunging, barking, spinning in circles, etc. They were … Continued

Bella overcomes dog aggression

Bella, a 4-year-old Yorkie, was experiencing several types of aggression including human aggression, dog aggression, and leash aggression! Bella is sweet as pie with her owner… but only with her owner! Bella is a member of a multi-dog household, and had started several fights with her fellow housemate, Amber. The fights had escalated to such … Continued

Zena learns leash manners in a hurry

Zena’s leash manners left a lot to be desired… and left two of her elderly owners unable to handle her! When 15-month-old Zena’s owner moved back in with his elderly parents, he knew there would be an adjustment period, but he didn’t realize just how difficult it would be! Zena, a German Shepherd, is a … Continued

Little dogs can learn to walk on a leash nicely, too!

Scout & Spanky were experiencing several behavior problems, including leash pulling and leash reactivity. It seems that smaller dogs are more likely to get away with leash pulling and leash reactivity. This is probably because the leash pulling is easily managed (usually doesn’t take much to hold a small dog back, right?) and the reactivity … Continued

Overcoming multi-dog chaos… and other behavior problems!

This multi-dog household had three dogs, each with their share of behavior problems. When you put the three together, it was chaos! Dog aggression, leash reactivity, humping, constant rowdy play, incessant barking, and the list goes on! Multi-dog households can quickly get out of control, especially when you add in individual behavior issues. Our training … Continued

Cooper learns how to relax…

Cooper’s leash reactivity and territorial behavior was fueled by his anxiety… This of course made it very difficult to walk him, and very risky to have visitors! His family was confused because Cooper was a pretty great dog otherwise. He knew his commands, too, but he didn’t listen when there were distractions around. Cooper and … Continued

Puppy Training: Roscoe under control!

Roscoe is a 4-month-old Rat Terrier. His owner has limited mobility and was having a hard time controlling him. After doing puppy training with us, Roscoe’s owner had a much easier time controlling him! He was able to solidify basic puppy tasks like housebreaking and teaching boundaries, and Roscoe also learned basic obedience. His owner … Continued

Skye prepares for her therapy dog test!

To prepare for her therapy dog test, Skye needed to overcome some behavior problems! ¬†Watch this dog training video! Skye’s owner has PTSD and needed Skye to serve as a therapy dog. The only problem with this plan was that Skye, although lovable, was very skittish! She also pulled hard on the leash and was … Continued

Zara learns recall… and more!

Zara had absolutely no recall (come command) and couldn’t be trusted in public! Zara also had a bad habit of charging up to strangers and circling them while barking. This freaked out quite a few people! Her family felt like they had no control over her once she was off the leash. Our strategy was … Continued

Barney struggled with leash aggression

Barney used to have issues with leash aggression…. Barney is a 1-1/2-year-old Yorkie mix who was recently adopted into a new family. The family was so excited to include little Barney in their lives… until they put him on the leash! They were taken aback by his leash aggression and how strong such a little … Continued