A Quick Case Study: Leash Reactivity

Leash reactivity is one of the most common dog behavior problems we address in our in-home dog training programs.

When most people see their dog “lunging like Cujo” at the sight of another dog, they assume the process to correct this unwanted behavior will be long and arduous. Dog owners in this position are easily convinced that the best course of action is to send the dog away for a few weeks for an intensive dog training program.

…but is that really necessary? After all, the dog will return home sooner or later. Is there anything you, as the dog’s owner, companion, and primary handler, need to know? Yes, there is. In fact, I’d argue that all long-term dog behavior change hinges on the relationship between dog and owner.

You don’t have to take my word for it. Check out the video evidence:

Looking for a credible dog trainer? A dog trainer who will teach YOU how to communicate with your dog, and how to achieve long-term results in YOUR home?

Our dog trainers offer some of the most comprehensive dog training programs in the industry. We commit to working with you until we’ve reached your training goals. Best of all, our training is designed to achieve long-term results by improving the relationship between dog and owner.

Change is possible!